Sunday, 8 January 2017

Let Me Tell You Why. Re: Why not go paperless?

Dear Companies of Britain,
If you promise to send me your bill - and only your bill or a direct link to it - by email instead of patronising tripe (see after) I would go paperless. Sending paper bills is expensive for you, we get that but not only do you not admit that it is the prime reason for paperless, you are forcing me to plough through semi-promotional bullshit and then fetch bills from your web site. This simply means that I won't. Stop wasting my time. You need to have a suitable alternative to paper and so far, you do not. Clue: all I want from you is a bill, not an online relationship.
Think about that and the other firms who do send bills by email without having a hissy fit about confidentiality. It's about acting on the customer's instruction, not being paranoid about your imagined electronic bogeymen reading my email.
To qualify for me accepting paperless billing YOU STILL NEED TO SEND A BILL or a direct link to it.
And if you send me an email, I should be able to reply to it. Is this the 1980s?
From a customer who wishes that privatisation was about having a choice between companies who have properly embraced the basic principles of technology.
On Tue, 3 Jan 2017 06:20 A Utility Company Wrote:
Why wait for the post?
Your latest bill is available online now. Simply switch to ebilling today to view it and receive emails when your next bills are ready.
No hassle
You can manage your account and let us know if any of your details change.
No waste
There's no more unwanted paper as all of your bills are stored safely online.
No wait
And you can pay your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can fit around your life.
Signing up is easy
You'll just need your account number (xxxxxxxxx) and postcode. You'll be switched immediately but you may still receive one last paper bill whilst we're getting you online.
Sign me up!
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