Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lloyds Bank survey fail

I spoke to Lloyds Bank yesterday. Today they send me an SMS:

Hello, as a valued Lloyds customer, your feedback matters to us. We have 5 quick questions, so you can tell us about your experience.

Setting aside the two redundant commas and the use of a numeric '5' rather than the word 'five', as convention should dictate, I really object to the nature of this. Why?

Firstly, it has been sent from an account I cannot reply to, so I am unable to send 'STOP' or even point out their grammatical errors. Sending messages which cannot be replied to is rude, nothing else. Some would call it spam when I haven't agreed in advance to receive it.

Secondly, I cannot complain that the follow up messages they send require a reply to be send to a short-code account which means I have to pay for the messages. WHAT?

Lloyds Bank: all I want to do is complain about your ill-conceived customer satisfaction survey. I am not going to answer it so the nice lady I spoke to (for 17 minutes) will not receive the excellent feedback she deserves.

All your ignorant management deserves is a slap in the face with a wet fish.

Perhaps Lloyds would like to give some feedback in the comments below.