Thursday, 11 December 2014

Moving Home and Taking Your Energy Supplier

Moving house? 

Want to take your current energy supplier with you? 

You can't.

At least, not at first.

Before I moved home I was with Co-op Energy and wanted to stay. For both ethical and other reasons I have no wish to be with a foreign-owned supplier or one with a terrible customer service record. In other words, I have no wish to be a customer of any of the Big6 ever again. But I was forced to be.

I asked Co-op Energy to carry on supplying me when I moved but they said they couldn't until the existing suppliers were able to hand the premises over. This should be of no import to me. What do I care who the previous owners used for their energy supply? There may be an outstanding debt, or something, I was told. That's none of my business and certainly not my liability. You have no choice, I was told.

So I found out that the previous owners had used British Gas (ugh!) and E-on (ugh! ugh!) and had to sign up with them (on their most expensive tariffs) in order to leave them right away. Only when that was in place could I then switch. Signed up with the crooks at the end of October, then signed for a switch to Co-op Energy shortly afterwards. Oh, there has to be a cooling-off period of a month, I was told. WHAT? Why? So British Gas and E-on can fleece me?

It was me who read the meters when I moved in, it was me who read the meters when I switched. Exactly what the flying f**k is going on with moving home? Just another way for the Big6 to try and grab custom their customers have no wish to give them?

Interesting to note that British Gas said Co-op Energy could have taken the supply on without me signing up with them first. E-on didn't say as their drone was clueless when I asked. Energy Co-op were adamant that they couldn't.

So thanks OfGem for being Unfit For Your Purpose. This is as bad as bank account switching used to be. I suggest you have a word with everyone and tell them how this should work in the consumer's interest and not so British Gas can send me two over-estimated bills so that they can have some free working capital.

I have been robbed by the Big6 AGAIN, the bastards.