Tuesday, 4 September 2012

National Rail and Atos

When I booked a ticket with National Rail to travel home from the Paralympics I received an email confirmation which HTML version says:

On visiting that last-mentioned web site www.redspottedhanky.com it turns out to be rather anonymous - where is the statutory footer giving details of name, address, phone and company registration number? The web site designer's own site is as mysterious. Perhaps the only clue is that the only clear email address on redspottedhanky.com is redspottedhanky@atos.net. But wait! Atos? The foot of the email message puporting to be from National Rail says: "(c) copyright Atos Origin IT Services UK Limited 2010". So it looks as though Atos have inserted their own ticketing site's address in the confirmation email from their client, National Rail whose copyright they seem to have usurped. IANAL but the word "corruption" leapt unbidden into my brain. In order to obtain some clarification, I tweeted. (This is snapped from Twitter.com so is in reverse order)

So, as obfuscation seems to be the only skill of National Rail's Twitterer (see below) I don't expect a straight answer but as there seems to be a general interest in the business practices of Atos, given their appalling track record assessing disability claimants, I wrote all this.

What? That is no justification whatsoever. An axe-wielding maniac could have a web site which links to yours. I look forward to hearing back from an Organ Grinder. You won't find it difficult to contact me if you spend five minutes with Google.

Later addition (in the correct order):
What does it take for them to see this is simply wrong?