Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Acer: please pre-load Win7 with junk so it doesn't work

We're up to version 7 of Windows but the latest new Acer machines from Comet still arrive in an unusable state.

SWMBO bought a nifty dual-amd-core Acer netbook for about half a monkey from Comet. While in the store, an attempt was made to sell us an overpriced bag, Office, Norton, an extended warranty and a mouse. This plus a few more unnecessary and irrelevant add-ons all of which she politely refused.

The netbook came pre-installed with Acer's 'recommended' McAffee anti-virus which, once uninstalled, allowed the machine to access the network it couldn't otherwise see. Huh? How is it McCaffee want to make sales but its mere presence cripples a machine's networking? What utter crap. What are Acer thinking?

After disabling 'click with a touch on the mousepad' and uninstalling the AV and deleting links to other pre-installed junk to tidy up the desktop, Microsoft Security Essentials was downloaded and installed. It costs a lot less (nothing) than what we were supplied with and offered and who knows better where its Swiss cheese has holes? Acer, take note.

By the way, Microsoft, whatever happened to the Browser Choice which is supposed to be on all new Windows machines at first use? SWMBO prefers Chrome anyway and soon found, downloaded and installed it.

This exactly demonstrates why I hate shopping in Comet even for major brands such as Acer but with no such thing as a decent independent dealer within striking distance and even PC World closed for refurbishment, what are we to do? How do complete novices manage?

Oh, and by the way PC World High Wycombe, when you are closed for refurbishment a note on your website would be appropriate. Good grief.

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